Open Schengen Project (OSP) is a social initiative, which intends to inform applicants, who desire a visa for the Schengen area, about their rights upon being denied.

An unfortunate reality of the Schengen visa process is that a number of Member State embassies only give applicants a fraction of the information that they require in order to mount a successful challenge against a notice of rejection. Consequently, OSPs principal mission is to give visa applicants the tools to obtain this crucial information.

As of now, most of our efforts are still focused on aiding applicants to Germany specifically; that being said, some of the information we have collected can also help travelers wanting to go to different Schengen countries.

what we do

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We seek to change existing legislation to accomodate the needs of travelers and their associates.

Policy research

We seek information from policy makers and administrative authorities onĀ  the application of current laws.

Information Sharing

We share first-hand knowledge about rights that applicants can excercise to strenghten their position.

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